FAQ When Buying Your First Toilet

You wouldn’t think there would be very much to consider when buying your first toilet. After all, every house has at least one and they pretty much have a single function, so, what’s to think about? Surprisingly, there’s more to the toilet then most people think – Here are several important things you should know when buying your first toilet:

toilet1) What is the length of your rough-in? This is the measurement between the toilet drain on the floor and the wall where the tank will be. Generally, this is 12″, but it could be up to 2″ less or more than this depending on the age of your home. This information is really important if you want your new toilet to work with your current plumbing.

2) What are the measurements of the area/room where the toilet will go? Is it separately enclosed? If so, what is the distance between the back wall and the enclosure’s door? From side to side?

3) Do you want a round bowl or an elongated (oval shaped) bowl – you’ll need the measurements of the area/room where the toilet will be to help with this decision, but a round bowl is usually less expensive than an elongated bowl, though not as comfortable because of its smaller size. Replacement seats for the elongated bowls are generally a bit higher in cost too, but they don’t need to be replaced as often since this shape tends to be more universally sized so the seat doesn’t move around as much under our weight.

4) What style of toilet will fit in your area? A toilet with a separate tank referred to as a “two-piece” is generally what we see in most bathrooms; there is the “one-piece” toilet, where the tank and toilet are all one piece. This one is higher in cost but allows you to have an elongated seat in smaller spaces; there is also a “wall-hung” toilet which is really convenient for cleaning around and under, but requires special wall thickness to hold its weight and the drain needs to be in the wall rather than on the floor, so, you’ll need to consider the cost of possible construction and new plumbing if you don’t already have a wall-hung toilet.

5) You’ll also want to consider water saving toilets and flush power – yes, flush power! Water saving toilets will usually be identified as such and can save money on your utility bills. Flush power is the flow’s ability to remove waste and avoid clogging. You can find the flush rating on the manufacturer packaging, the higher the number, the better the flush – this is important if you are trying to conserve water.

6) Finally, you’ll want to hire someone to install your new toilet, or wrangle a (strong) family member to help you if installing it yourself because the average toilet weighs anywhere from 70 to 120 pounds

How Much is Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth

Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth is staggering. Kim Kardashian is one of the highest paid celebrities and her fame reaches far and wide. A constant face in the tabloids, the public’s obsession with Kardashian equates nicely to a hefty paycheck. At an estimated $150 million dollars, her fame and fortune places her in a supreme wealth bracket. Kim has carefully crafted her brand over the past decades. From beginning on her family’s television show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, to celebrity endorsement deals, the foundation of her empire began to grow tremendously.

Kim KardashianRecords state that over her career, Kim has made an estimated $348 million, but expenses and taxes have solidified her current net worth. Kim Kardashian began to endorse even more products in the last five years. From fragrances, clothing, handbags, and even a Kim Kardashian app, her celebrity status and ever-growing net worth has no foreseeable end. Stores such as Sears and Macy’s bid for the Kardashian name, as her logo alone is a powerful force for sales. Kim has turned into a savvy business woman, and continues to build her brand with glamour and star power.

The Future of Kim Kardashian’s Wealth:

Kim continues to spin her wheels in a positive financial direction. Penning books has given her an even broader and newer outlet within the publishing world. Combining these opportunities with signing even more endorsement deals, her fame and fortune are steadily on the rise. For all those who would love to see Kardashian move out of the spotlight, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards any time soon. Kim’s new makeup line and interest in acting roles and music all keep her in a steady financial climb. Kim Kardashian’s yearly net worth is an estimated $39 million. With no end in sight, Kim’s career and financial security seem brighter than ever.

Taking Blood Pressure Over Clothing

Many people now have a blood pressure machine that they use at home. This is a very handy machine, especially for those who tend to have high blood pressure and must monitor it on a regular basis. Having your own blood pressure machine is also a great idea for healthy individuals like Sphygmomanometer – it gives you a more exact picture of the health of your own body, as well as educating you about the type of things that can raise or lower blood pressure and heart rate. Thankfully, blood pressure machines have come down in price to where the ordinary person can purchase a good model.

It’s important to know the right way to use a blood pressure machine; particularly, whether taking blood pressure over clothing makes sense. This is something that is commonly done by those at home, because it’s an easy, quick way to take blood pressure.

The Old-Fashioned Method

The common practice in the doctor’s office has always been to ask you to roll up your sleeve when the nurse takes your blood pressure. There is a good reason for this: blood pressure machines are sensitive instruments. The readings must be highly accurate, because medical determinations must be made based upon the findings.

Some doctor’s offices still use the old method for taking a patient’s blood pressure, which uses a mercury sphygmomanometer with a gauge. This equipment has been used because it is believed that it gives a more accurate reading. It has also been commonly believed by medical professionals that the arm must be bared to use it correctly.

The At-Home Method

The type of blood pressure machine you are using at home will probably not be the same as what the nurse is using. Most portable blood pressure machines used in the home today are digital. They are made to be easier for the average person to use and to understand. Using an easier piece of equipment means that the average person, who does not have medical training, will be able to obtain as accurate a reading as possible. However, the accuracy of the equipment may not equal the reading you would get at a doctor’s office.

Does taking blood pressure over clothing make sense if you’re at home? That really depends. If you are taking blood pressure over a light shirt, your reading will probably be accurate. If you are wearing bulky, layered clothing or a bunched up top, it may not be as accurate as you would like it to be.

It’s important to remember that blood pressure readings go up and down during the day. To obtain the most accurate sense of your level of blood pressure, you should take it over the course of a week, at the same time every day. Then take an average of your readings.

Also be aware that you should always supplement the readings you get with those you get from a qualified medical professional. This is particularly true if you suffer from high blood pressure, or are taking medication that can affect your blood pressure.

Modern Science Agrees – Yoga Helps With Anxiety, Back Pain and So Much More

Yoga is deeply rooted in science. If done correctly and under the guidance of an experienced instructor, the combination of meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques and physical postures can bring numerous health benefits. Yoga postures tone and stretch muscles. In the end, the practice improves sleep, lowers stress, improves flexibility/physical fitness, and ultimately enhances the quality of life. I love wearing a running headbands for yoga.

While yoga has not replaced modern medicine, nowadays, it is enjoying increasing prescription as an addition to allopathic surgery and medicine to relieve symptoms. It also helps individuals cope with certain diseases such as high blood pressure, chronic back pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis as well as post-surgery pain and stress. Read on to learn more, but first don’t buy all of the same yoga headbands.

Anxiety and Depression

A combination of pranayama and asanas lowers depression and psychotic symptoms. It also improves thought process as well as the quality of life. The combination also produces positive neurological changes. A research at NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) in Bangalore confirmed these findings.

Chronic Back Pain

Canadian researchers noted in the Pain Research and Management journal that meditation, breathing techniques, and modified postures help improve the ability to walk/move and lower pain. in their research, weekly yoga classes, were just as effective in improving back movement and lowering back pain as physiotherapy that involve stretching exercises. The benefits lasted months after yoga sessions ended.

Heart Disease

The ancient practice lower risk factors related to heart diseases just like conventional exercises such as brisk walking. This is according to a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. Based on the study, individuals that took part in yoga sessions lost two kilos averagely and dropped 5 points off blood pressure. The study also discovered that yoga lowered levels of bad cholesterol by roughly twelve points.

From the above research studies, it is quite clear that yoga boasts an array of health benefits — and science is in total agreement.