Modern Science Agrees – Yoga Helps With Anxiety, Back Pain and So Much More

Yoga is deeply rooted in science. If done correctly and under the guidance of an experienced instructor, the combination of meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques and physical postures can bring numerous health benefits. Yoga postures tone and stretch muscles. In the end, the practice improves sleep, lowers stress, improves flexibility/physical fitness, and ultimately enhances the quality of life. I love wearing a running headbands for yoga.

While yoga has not replaced modern medicine, nowadays, it is enjoying increasing prescription as an addition to allopathic surgery and medicine to relieve symptoms. It also helps individuals cope with certain diseases such as high blood pressure, chronic back pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis as well as post-surgery pain and stress. Read on to learn more, but first don’t buy all of the same yoga headbands.

Anxiety and Depression

A combination of pranayama and asanas lowers depression and psychotic symptoms. It also improves thought process as well as the quality of life. The combination also produces positive neurological changes. A research at NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) in Bangalore confirmed these findings.

Chronic Back Pain

Canadian researchers noted in the Pain Research and Management journal that meditation, breathing techniques, and modified postures help improve the ability to walk/move and lower pain. in their research, weekly yoga classes, were just as effective in improving back movement and lowering back pain as physiotherapy that involve stretching exercises. The benefits lasted months after yoga sessions ended.

Heart Disease

The ancient practice lower risk factors related to heart diseases just like conventional exercises such as brisk walking. This is according to a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. Based on the study, individuals that took part in yoga sessions lost two kilos averagely and dropped 5 points off blood pressure. The study also discovered that yoga lowered levels of bad cholesterol by roughly twelve points.

From the above research studies, it is quite clear that yoga boasts an array of health benefits — and science is in total agreement.