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People flock to Tampa bay Florida at any point of year. Curious campers pull into the Health campus parking area to seek out out why there’s such a lot activity during this period. Whereas we have a tendency to be perpetually reaching outward – delivering American merchandise globally, and transfer the world’s best to America. We have a tendency to do thus from a powerful sense of our specific place within the world. The blessings, challenges and responsibilities that go together with our opportunities.

Take the blue Dolphins that withstand our seas within the summer months as an example, typically stranding a Farewell Spit. Recently, our friends at Tampa Bay trained a lot with our team, myself enclosed, as Marine Medics. Hopefully the blue Dolphins can pass safely this summer and that we won’t got to place to observe, however it’s sensible to understand that we are able to with confidence lend a hand.

If I actually have a private resolution for 2018 it’s to embrace each chance to find out, and life ne’er appears to be more learning. It’s an evident win-win, however we’ve still got to learn how to travel.

I hope that this New Year brings United States all many opportunities to be alive in our senses, celebrating and connecting with the land that nourishes United States and supports everything we have a tendency to do.

Dr. Eva Marie