Easy Steps on How to Make Hip Hop Beats

The fantastic aspect about hip hop and a major part that makes it popular is the basic rules laid down when making a hip hop beat. This creates space for creative expression due to its flexibility. Despite the fact that it can be fun making the beat it can also be cumbersome at times. Here are few steps you can follow on how to compose hip hop beats.

The first step is picking the style of the exclusive beats for sale. You have to know what you want before making it. These styles are like rap, rnd, pop, etc. after determining your style is when we go to the actual making of the beat. You should start with creating a drum beat which is the most fundamental part of this beat. When creating the drum beat you can opt to use pre-recorded midi – drums, drum loop or just produce your own drum loop with a beat making software. To make a solid base you are required to produce a drum beat that is four or two measures long.

After laying down the drums, the next thing you need to do is creating or picking a bass grove. The bass line you decide to use should rhyme with the drum beat, catchy and loop-based. You should know that the bass groove is also important. Using your program you can produce your own bass line or just go online and download a free bass groove. Now you have the bass and the drums now it is when creativity comes in.

The subsequent step is adding an orchestration. An orchestration is basically any element or musical sound that is at the top of the basic beat. At this point you can decide to use an instrument like a harmonica, violin or harp. You can also add any sound as long as it complements the hip hop beat. Once you are through with this step, you now can add some samples. Sampling is usually included in all hip hop beat. This is simply a snippet of the pre-recorded song by an artist. To avoid getting any trouble with the copyright laws you should get permission from the artist. Once you are through with that hurdle you can now add the samples to the beat.

After that, is the part where you add effects. These will help in adding originality to the beat. There a number to pick from and it is up to you to decide what you want. These effects range from delay, compression and re-verb.

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